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The Fiberon Charter returned from their 2nd annual 1.5 day charter this morning.  What a delightful group of folks – and they enjoyed island style fishing in US waters for a few yellowtail and ... Read More


The Kadota 8 day trip returned this morning with a beautiful catch of yellowtail (the quality and color was exceptional) and a couple of tuna sprinkled in the mix. A huge thanks to Danny Kadota as he... Read More


After getting a lay of the land in yesterday’s tour of the zone we headed into today with high confidence. With very encouraging results sliding into our first stop, we had visions of putting to... Read More


Sightings After covering many miles of good country, we finally got to the zone and immediately started seeing big bluefin tuna jumping with a mix of yellowfin. They were putting on quite the show, u... Read More


Today we took advantage of our excellent weather and gained some attitude to put us in position for tomorrow’s search, but never turning over any new rocks in our travels. We have high hopes for... Read More


In beautiful flat calm weather everything came together for a perfect conclusion on our Yellowtail hunt as just after breakfast conditions became favorable and the fish really wanted to cooperate. Unl... Read More


Working hard Highs and lows would be the best way to sum up today and that was from daylight til evening that we experienced good fishing/slow fishing. Not knowing when they were going to bite, you pr... Read More


After very breezy conditions rolling down yesterday, today we finally reached the fishing grounds right around lunch.  Not wasting any time, the gang went right to work and for the most part we enjoy... Read More


The Catchy Tackle trip returned with beautiful catch of yellowtail and wonderful folks and they enjoy each other’s company because all but a couple signed back up for next year’s trip. Tha... Read More