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We found some action today as we had a few stops on yellowtail that kept us entertained. Pat Doyle who represents Seeker rods is probably one of the nicest, most generous and selfless reps that we car... Read More


We are really spoiled to have a steady clientele of experienced and wise anglers. For the second day in a row the common sense move to the next days fishing grounds did not meet our expectations. We c... Read More


We had a tougher day of fishing on the yt grounds as we really had to work at catching a few fish. Regular Mr. Clark shows off rewards of tough work as he used his expertise to his advantage. The guys... Read More


We stopped for a little while just to wet our lines and get our feet wet. We ended up catching some home guards and had fun catching and releasing bass. Darren Sato was busy with his 7x and long rod a... Read More


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Uesugi-Kimura is home after another productive year.  Thanks to Russ & Tim Kimura and Michelle Uesugi Fonoimoana for their leadership and for the give aways.  They also want to thank Pat from Ca... Read More


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Spent the day covering large areas for tuna and came up short – literally….we found them but they weren’t the right size. Traveling home The Guys... Read More


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The guys are still having wi-fi issues which will be resolved for the next trip.  With that being said, the guys reported Wahoo around for everyone again yesterday. Check back tomorrow and thanks for... Read More